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kienbock's disease grade lll b preoperative and 1 year post operative (scaphocapitate and radial shortening)

Kienbock's disease grade lll b 

preoperative and postoperative final follow up X rays wrist showing united scaphocapitate fusion and united radial shortening fixed with T plated and screws

I share with you a case of kienbock's disease grade lll b (Lunate collapse, fixed scaphoid rotation). She is 27 years old. She was complaining of pain, swelling and limitation of wrist function and movement.

She has been operated for scaphocapitate fusion with K wires and radial bone graft. Also, radial shortening was done and fixed with small T plate.

Follow up was done for 1 year and shows improvement in pain and good range of movement with limitation of wrist extension. There is good functional outcome with painless daily activities and patient satisfaction.

Kienbock's Disease

  • Kienbock's Disease is avascular necrosis of the lunate which may lead to wrist pain and progressive abnormal carpal motion.
Diagnosis of kienbock's disease 
  • Wrist Xrays. 
  • MRI for detection of early cases.
Treatment of kienbock's disease 
  • Treatment is conservative treatment by anti-inflammatory drugs and observation in minimally symptomatic patients.
  •  Operative procedures are available depending on severity of disease and patient's symptoms.