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The three crossed-pin construct in treatment of supracondylar fracture humerus

The crossed-pin construct in treatment of supracondylar fracture humerus 

The three crossed-pin construct is done by 2 lateral pins and one medial pin. 

The three crossed-pin construct
was most stable in the fracture followed by the two crossed and three lateral
pins, and two lateral divergent pins demonstrated the
least torsional stability. 

The medial K wire may be complicated by ulnar nerve injury. 

How to avoid iatrogenic ulnar nerve injury during medial K wire placement?

In order to avoid the risk of ulnar nerve injury, some precautions are suggested.

 1- making a small incision over the medial epicondyle to directly visualize the nerve. It is especially important in a swollen elbow. 
2- medial pinning while the elbow is in
3- application of the nerve stimulator to a needle or medial pin to localize the ulnar nerve.